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Today were inside a 2017 Chrysler pacifica taking a look at their latest rear seat entertainment system all of this system is exclusive to the Pacific at this time I do expect a seed in other Chrysler vehicles coming up soon this is what the system’s remote control looks like we have a power button..

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Located on Norcross joking thanking the scene just up the chance and a highly and inflate superstar, is the best place to take a test drive from highly jiving to city to jive even in the suburbs we’ve got it all and the 2017 for Ford Explorer XLT won’t let you down a magnetic exterior..

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I just want to say thank you for watching my video and please subscribe implicitly hit like on my video Hannah please join us on what those toys on Facebook plays videos about. My headlights when we’ll be doing to it. Okay fuselage original one you see over there. And I am not going to..

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The presentation of Hyundai Getz small class car was held at the Geneva motor show in 2002. Until the end of the year, the car had gone on sale in two body variants: three and five-door hatchback. The car comes with three petrol engines and one diesel engine. The first versions were equipped with a..

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The main task of auto oil is to prevent dry friction of moving engine internal parts, as well as to ensure minimum friction with maximum leakage of working cylinders. The most important parameters of auto oil is its viscosity. In simple language, understandable for motorist, you can say this: the viscosity of the oil is..

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Who said that the off-road motorcycles do not exist? This is clearly erroneous assertion that the British designers have denied. And the result of their work is the model Triumph 800XC, which in its averages is seemingly, than many motorcycles. You equally feel good on the highway, and on the dirt road, and even outright..