HiD Headlight on my 2010 Dodge Challenger SE

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Challenger headlightsI just want to say thank you for watching my video and please subscribe implicitly hit like on my video Hannah please join us on what those toys on Facebook plays videos about. My headlights when we’ll be doing to it. Okay fuselage original one you see over there. And I am not going to use in the US wants because possum parts are missing flow here sorry about their one. Known user diet each HID Challenger headlights. These are very very bright to switch you know. In this video you will see that. So. You don’t have that. So arm this once installed yet. But this one is install stage HID headlights so you can see how bright it does.

Buffalo looks like. In the dark. So. I am going to turn off the light and you’ll see. Yeah. Jump right beginning. Yeah but some. These are very bright. So what you see with. IBM’s like. Plus a hiding spot. Euresist the writer. Like here. Several that. Carol was focusing on fixing the carrots to but I don’t mind. Nice. And that is. But rights. Okay biggest debtor sounds much brighter but. Just my opinion. Her hand traveled here. Though the current turn Marcus you know 2 goals out. In honor of Headlight to take out my way soon. Known her for the lights back on it and we’re going to put the engine room personal. So yeah. So list use Challenger headlights I am gonna get. The halo Challenger headlights. Lets the hill it’s going here an outsider greener on the inside.

And what it was a change mobile dinner colors they pulse with the beat. With your music or anything. Stuff like that owned. Car shows Carl it’s you know it’s like that you go into a restaurant turnabout remotes. And her the light show for one and a. Late in getting our or colliding. Are colliding.com of the den of scripture and the video. Anyway. I hope you all like this video please leave a comment. And please hit like complete scratch my channel and please join with the best toys on Facebook. And I will have a good day take here peace out.