2017 Chrysler Pacifica Rear Seat Entertainment System Review

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Today were inside a 2017 Chrysler pacifica taking a look at their latest rear seat entertainment system all of this system is exclusive to the Pacific at this time I do expect a seed in other Chrysler vehicles coming up soon this is what the system’s remote control looks like we have a power button right up top and a mute button right over here the screen button allows us to select between controlling screen 1 which is on the driver side and screen to over here on the pastor side home button back button 4 way joystick with okay track forward backward and a play pause button for our media devices having a DVD player or a Blu ray player in the back of your vehicle really isn’t that new or innovative so not to talk too much about the disk interface. It’s a nice touch is back here are that we have HDMI one and HDMI 2 and of course you SP interfaces for at the rear seat entertainment systems.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Rear Seat Entertainment System

Now interestingly enough the rear seat entertainment systems USB port is up front as you see in this little graphic right here its support that’s right next to the Blu ray player in the car we also have 2 HDMI inputs one on each seat back seats were here the pastor side that’s the one for us actually shows you where it’s located here’s a headphone Jack and a USB charge only port coupled with that HDMI input and we find the same thing right over here on the back of the driver’s seat. The system is a touch screen so lousy to swipe back and forth between those 2 particular screens but one of the other interesting things we have here is this you connect app option. We do expect the other apps in the future and the system was designed to allow you to have not only different apps added to the system but also to allow you to play between the 2 sides of the vehicle for instance we now have the checkers app loaded and the other passenger will move their checker right there like you saw that black.went from there to there so I would like to move my red, from there to there sadly the black checker can of course. Eat my checker.

I will do over there on the other screen this makes the rear seat entertainment system an awful lot more interesting than some of the other systems on the market because we have several of these games that are multi player games it allows the rear seat pastors to interact with one another while also being entertained across the bottom of system we have a few other buttons we have a home button right over here which takes us back to this sources screen we have a climate control button which is an interesting touch even though the climate told the system or just above my head you can actually change the way the system is operating or put it back in the auto mode the headphone icon would light up if we had headphones plugged into the system and we have some adjustable options right over here we can actually change the brightness. In Saint whether the ports in the vehicle are lit or not draws you to find the middle but more easily in the dark. Chrysler Pacifica Headlights at http://beedlelight.com/chrysler-pacifica/headlights.html.

Pacifica Entertainment System

Choose auto widescreen or fullscreen for your movies and of course you can re order the sources on the system if you so desire you can actually put US be up front were between the 2 HDMI ports that sort of thing an interesting touch with this system is that we actually have a slightly different media interface if you’re playing music off of your I pod your iPhone it cetera we can click over to the music option and we can actually browse our artists playlists genres podcasts etcetera so depending on how you want to organize your media we actually scroll across the screens right like that so little bit different than interacting with them in the system up front the 1 big difference I’ve noticed between interacting with this system the system up front is that it does take awhile for this system to index your device and actually see those playlists because I do actually have all these playlists on my phone but not all of them are immediately accessible that’s been our quick look at the rear seat entertainment system in the brain you 2017 Chrysler pacifica be sure and check out our review on the updated 2017 you connect 8.for entertainment and navigation system is also complete your view on the 2017 Chrysler pacifica I see next week.